Recent Work

Links and details to recent projects I have worked on as Project Manager/Account Manager/Product guy. I will try to add more links and details in coming days

Stick Gangsta

A location based app/game for iOS platform. Main features include

  • Geolocation support
  • Chat
  • Challenge friends to own turf
  • Meet people online
  • Create your own Gangsta profile

photo (2)IMG_0080

Link to download game

Platform: iOS

The app has more than 200 downloads in past 2 days:)







 Fun with Chess

Re-invented chess for you. Yes, for the first time you can play chess with kids, parents and friends.

Key Features:
•- Only six pieces and six rules
•- Roll the dice and play the game based on luck
•- Earn points and score higher to be the leader
•- Make the pieces re-born as per your wish
•- Helps learn chess

I was Project manager/Producer for the game. My responsibilities included
1. Helping the game designer with concept

2. Identifying resources and creating a project plan

3. Overall responsibility from start to completion.

4. Built first time in unity 3d. Was developed simultaneously for iPhone, Facebook(multiplayer) and Android






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