What are you revealing online? Much more than you think



What can be guessed about you from your online behavior? Two computer privacy experts — economist Alessandro Acquisti and computer scientist Jennifer Golbeck — on how little we know about how much others know.

The best indicator of high intelligence on Facebook is apparently liking a page for curly fries. At least, that’s according to computer scientist Jennifer Golbeck (TED Talk: The curly fry conundrum), whose job is to figure out what we reveal about ourselves through what we say — and don’t say — online. Of course, the lines between online and “real” are increasingly blurred, but as Golbeck and privacy economist Alessandro Acquisti (TED Talk: Why privacy matters) both agree, that’s no reason to stop paying attention. TED got the two together to discuss what the web knows about you, and what we can do about the things we’d rather it forgot. An edited version of the conversation follows.


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Infinity Blade: Angry Birds Killer Game

Infinity Blade: Angry Birds Killer Game.

It is known that more than 300,000 people are playing the 3D iPhone game on Apple’s Game Center network and it means a flat $1.8 million in game sales ($5.99 a copy). However, Epic Games CEO has stated that these numbers are even low because not all gamers are there who bought Infinity Blade.

Infinity Blade is a very impressive iPhone game, especially the graphics render quality are top-notch.

Infinity Blade currently outsells legendary Angry Birds iPhone game.

5 new tools to organize your meetings

This week, my boss flies to San Francisco to attend what is the biggest gaming convention of 2013-GDC. As part of my responsibilities, I am connecting him with prospects, start-up companies and gaming veterans interested in off-shoring development of mobile games.

In my holy quest of arranging meetings and schedules; which my boss could manage easily through ease of mobile, computer with timely reminders(Unlike Outlook) I came across 5 new very innovative scheduling tools which are immensely helpful in setting up/meetings. I am sure these would prove useful while managing complex projects and connecting with teams across geographies.

The main criteria/requirement/needs in shortlisting a scheduler were

  • Easy to invite, update,reschedule and cancel meetings
  • Mobile extension


One of the easiest online schedulers, it took me less than a minute to schedule a test meeting. It allows you to schedule meetings, collaborate on documents and agenda. This proves particularly beneficial when you do not have a agenda set and you would like all the participants to collaborate. Also, they offer a Android application which runs smooth.


One of the most innovative tools I came across recently as a follow-up reminder. Though not your everyday standard scheduler it is an amazing email extension which helps create reminders. All you have to do is add the reminder time in your Cc or BCc list.(Example: 12h@followup.cc).  Created by east coast start-up- the product has evolved greatly and now offers a calender integration using the iCal format. I have been using it extensively for a past few months as an email reminder, a scheduler for my prospects and general followup with clients, so it was natural progression for me to use this for scheduling meetings as well. since this runs on email client, it does not need a separate app/mobile extension. Hope you would like it too.

3. Doodle

A new concept in which you can set your meetings and also polls. If you can get past this and some doodle specific vocabulary, it is a great tool. This not only acts as your online scheduler but also shows your availability to your friends and colleagues, which proved useful while looking at available spots after scheduling almost 15 plus meetings for 3 days. You might want to use this tool when planning your meetings far in advance and with a group(So as to take the feedback of entire group before confirming schedule)

4. Meet-o-matic

This is collaborative meeting scheduler and a very simple one. As you would do in real world, ask for suggested  meeting timings and then pick one, this tool allows you to share options, mail to your invite and then select based on availability. I found it particularly good for organizing meetings far in advance and when your client is ambiguous about availability.

5. Book Fresh

A comprehensive meeting scheduler  which has most of the features, add-ons and a fully integrated mobile version. You can schedule a meeting and update via text message. This feature is most required when on the go. The mobile version for iOS is pretty robust and offers most of the features as in the online version. It is an enterprise solution and includes a integrated payment gateway(If you are looking for one)

Honorary mentions: Google Calendar, MS- Outlook(I have loved them for years!)

Thanks much. Happy Scheduling.

Tips for office Project communication

 Tip 1 – Become Part of the Grapevine
People love talking about what goes on within their work environment. The grapevine truly does exist in all companies. Assume the projects you manage are one part of that conversation, insert yourself into it and ask people what they are hearing about your projects. Is there any news from above? Are resources happy? Then, be sure to add your own facts into the mix. A little bit of accurate information never hurt anyone.

Tip 2 – Combat Negative Messages with Facts
Negative communication sometimes gets spun into a mile-long email thread. Inaccurate information and intensity of emotion continue to escalate the longer the email thread grows. The best antidote to negative communication is to get the facts out there as quickly as possible. Compose a thoughtful and precise “Reply All” with a handful of relevant facts to get everyone in sync. Then, kill the thread and take it offline.

Tip 3 – Stop the Bad Press
Most talk on the grapevine is harmless, primarily serving as an interesting diversion during a long day at work. People don’t really pay that much attention to it. However, innocuous gossip can turn into hurtful and malicious slander. You need to track down the source of that information immediately and make it stop. Find out why someone feels compelled to put forth such negative propaganda about your project and deal with it face-to-face.

Tip 4 – Fill the Vacuum
You may have projects that aren’t impacted by negative communication. However, you are left with a vacuum of communication. It’s up to you to fill this void with positive and factual information about your project. Send out pertinent emails, give appropriate updates at company meetings, and have one-off conversations. That way, people will really have something to talk about when your project gets tangled up in the grapevine.